Exercise smarter -Play harder 


For anyone looking to improve your physical condition, Sportsmedx™ is a great choice. Whether you are an athlete wanting to improve performance in a specific sport, a weekend warrior trying to maximize your fun, or if you suffer from chronic pain and are seeking relief: Sportsmedx is a comprehensive sports medicine program that contains the keys to your success. 


Often the activities of daily life take their toll on your body. Partly, this is because we find the easiest way to do a movement rather than the best way. Whether it is sitting, bending, twisting, lifting, or standing, the easiest way often becomes a habit with harmful side effects, and can lead to conditions such as: sciatica, carpal tunnel, low back pain and postural problems.


Sportsmedx utilizes fundamental exercises inherent to everyday life to teach you how to move more effectively and to minimize your discomfort. The Sportsmedx program uses bio-mechanical analysis to design the healthiest form of movement specific to each person. Once you are able to improve these movements you will experience increased daily caloric expenditure, which leads to healthy fat loss. We all have our own ideas of health and beauty.  Level  2 and 3 are customized to your specific goals, helping to achieve the aesthetic, corrective, and performance-based results you want.


Level  1:

Level  1 Sportsmedx™ is focused on mastering fundamental exercises that can be integrated into everyday activities. Working with these exercises helps to correct common imbalances that often cause physical discomfort. Because these exercises are based on daily activities, they can be utilized throughout the day to increase strength and stamina, to improve muscular form (tone and length), and to increase daily caloric expenditure, which leads to healthy fat loss. This training system brings a bio-mechanical advantage to each movement you do, to have your daily routine work for you instead of against you, amplifying the rate of your progress.


Level  2:

Becoming proficient in the exercises of Level 1 prepares you for customized exercises specific to your individual needs and focused on isolated areas of your body. In Level 2 you will work on problematic areas that have been documented in Level 1. These areas will be further analyzed and broken down to isolate and correct dysfunction, training within the parameters appropriate to your desired level of growth. Level 1 Sportsmedx™ exercises are also refined to create individualized workouts, which help your body advance and to improve overall function.


Level  3:

You have mastered the fundamental Sportsmedx™ exercises through working with customized individual exercises. You are ready for Level 3 and the total transformation of your body. With the fundamentals of Sportsmedx in place, you are ready to work on maximizing advanced functions such as: speed, agility, power, and stabilization endurance. Each level of Sportsmedx training transforms your physique in a highly controlled environment with specific goals. This allows  you to continue building onto your Level 1 and 2 programs, by designing an even more effective and personalized program to unlock your body's full potential. As you advance through the Sportsmedx Level3 system, your body will increase its performance in a diverse range of conditions from extreme sports to the conference room.